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Delayed Coking Heating Furnace


Delayed Coking Heating Furnace
The Coking furnace consists of Steel structure, Refractory insulation lining, Radiation & convection furnace tubes, Burners, Flue gas waste heat recovery unit, Air supply system, and Flue gas discharge system. Coking Furnace is the core equipment of the Delayed coking unit.It supplies heat to the whole unit, and its energy consumption accounts for 75% of the energy consumption of the entire Delayed coking unit. It is also key equipment that affects the stability and production cycle of the delayed coking unit operation.
Because of the simple structure of Horizontal tube vertical heating furnace, a large number of burners can be installed; The flow state of the medium in the horizontal furnace tube is stable; The heat is relatively uniform along the length of the Furnace tube; It is convenient to clean coke inside the furnace. The Delayed coking furnace is a Horizontal tube vertical furnace.
The Coking furnace is easier to coke than the general Furnace. The radiant furnace tube generally adopts a returning elbow with plug, which is convenient for opening observation and mechanical decoking during maintenance.And at the same time, the movable platform can be freely moved up and down at both ends of the furnace.
The average thermal strength of the radiant tube cannot be chosen too high during heating. Due to the heavy oil ,high temperature and thermal strength will cause the wall temperature to rise and cause coking. The average thermal strength is generally below 34.83 kW/m2. In order to reduce the coking in the pipe and lower the local maximum temperature of the pipe wall, measures must be taken to reduce the thermal strength unevenness coefficient. Domestic Multi-mouth short-flame vertical furnaces and Flameless combustion furnaces are used to reduce the thermal strength unevenness along the length of the tube.

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