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Acid Gas Incinerator


Acid Gas Incinerator
The function of sulfur recovery device is to treat the acid gas containing hydrogen sulfide produced by refineries and chemical plants,etc,to recover the sulfur from chemical raw materials, and then carry out tail gas treatment to reduce pollution and achieve clean production.Since H2S is far more toxic than SO2, the national law expressly stipulates that sulfur tail gas is not allowed to be directly discharged into the atmosphere without incineration,the Chinese national standard stipulates that the H2S concentration of industrial sites cannot exceed 10 mg/m3 .Therefore,the tail gas needs to be incinerated to oxidize the trace amount of H2S and other sulfides in the tail gas to sulfur dioxide.The emission of tail gas after  incineration not only significantly reduces the concentration of H2S and other sulfides but also can recycle the waste heat after incineration to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.

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