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Preheating Furnace


Preheating Furnace
The preheating furnace is a kind of equipment which makes the inferior fuel(Mainly refers to low calorific value fuel such as blast furnace gas, hot coal gas, and tail gas) or air passes through a heat exchanger to exchange heat in the high-temperature flue gas of the heating furnace,and raises the temperature of the low quality fuel or air generally to 300-900℃.Thereby, the actual combustion temperature of the inferior fuel or the sensible heat of the air is increased,and the high-temperature calcination or other processes of the inferior fuel are achieved, thereby replacing the high-quality fuel.
The replacement of high-quality fuel by inferior fuel is realized, thereby greatly saving fuel costs. At the same time, it also reduces emissions of inferior fuel or tail gas and reduces pollution. It is a very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly new process and new technology.
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